Molly Sebastian, President
As far back as I can remember my dogs have been a central focus in my life.  I still live on the farm where I grew up, although in a newer house; I love the land and know every corner of this 95-acre farm.  My roots are solidly planted here in West Flamborough, Ontario, Canada.  Memories of our large flock of sheep, the horses, and New Forest Ponies, the cows and even chickens, ducks, and geese (not a favorite), crowd each other for space in my mind as I walk my little band of Scottish Collies through the lanes and fields each day regardless of season.  There was always a dog, or two, or even three to walk with me through the years and be my confidante.

My love for really good herding dogs began with a small, gentle Collie, who was such a natural with the sheep that she literally replaced us, the children, entirely in our role as my father's sheepdogs, as he would stand directing us where to run next.  Putting the sheep into the barn became a quick and easy task, and the little Collie won us over completely.

During my working career, I taught Primary children and was for many years a school librarian.  I raised three children of my own at the same time; all now grown and long flown from the nest.  Later, I worked for a Canadian Federal Government Ministry doing research and later yet in Ministerial Communications.

Finally now in my retirement, I can go back to my first love, dogs, and devote myself to the breeding of my beloved classic Scottish Collies who bring joy to my life and the lives of others as they come to find our lovely old style Scottish Collie puppies.

John Sinclair, Vice-President
Growing up in Missouri on a small homestead, dogs were an important part of our lives.  Be it guarding the livestock, keeping the elephants out of the trees and copperheads out of the yard, or just being by our side, our dogs did it all.  While our lives took its twists and turns through world travels, the dogs were our constant that made any place home.  Having settled in Kentucky with our own homestead, Jennifer and I searched for the great all-around farm dog and found it in the Scottish Collie.  Our three collies are happy working the pigs, guarding the chickens, hiking through the woods with the children, and at the end of the day curling up with the family...all the while keeping the elephants out of the trees.*

When I was little, my Granddad had had an old mutt that lay around all day doing nothing.  One day I asked him why he kept that dog around when it was always made clear, "No hay burners allowed!"  Granddad told me the old mutt wasn't a hay burner, that his job was to keep the elephants out of the trees.  "Granddad, that's crazy!  There's no elephants in trees!"  Granddad simply said, "That's because he's great at his job."

Marie Minnich, Treasurer
Throughout most of my life, the dogs that I have owned (or been owned by) have been various mixed breeds, all of whom I loved. In 2008, my husband and I began to raise Romeldale CVMs, a heritage breed of wool sheep whose genetic potential needs preserving. We were introduced to the farm collies by a fellow sheep breeder. Her stories of her dog’s abilities piqued my interest enough to search out my first Scottish Collie, our Mac. It soon became apparent that we had found another breed worth restoring and preserving. Simply finding an appropriate mate and breeding them is insufficient effort. I look forward to working with fellow Board members of the SCPS to further the preservation of this wonderful breed.

Jennifer Sinclair, Secretary & Registrar
I've been a dog lover since before my first memories, but I'm fairly new to the Scottish Collie.  We live on 18 acres, raising heritage swine and poultry, and it was in a swineherd group that the farm collie was suggested to me as a great all rounder.

Since that first suggestion, we've come to depend on our dogs for real help.  They're excellent watch dogs, and I've never seen a better swine dog than our 7-month-old pup - and we've suffered through many ill-suited swine dogs.  Pigs aren't an animal that you want to irritate.  Our Scotts continue to amaze me for their wonderful family temperaments that exist peacefully alongside a bold and fearless willingness to do whatever is asked of them.

As the Secretary and Registrar for the SCPS, I am committed to keeping an accurate record of our founding and growth, and to maintaining the integrity of our Registry for the benefit of the Scottish Collie for generations to come.

Denise Maher, Director of Marketing & Communications
I grew up in Virginia and we always had dogs, mostly Labrador Retrievers.  When my husband and I moved out to the Black Hills of South Dakota, we purchased our first herding dog and my youngest daughter began to train and compete in dog events.  We currently own twelve acres with horses and three dogs:  a Black Lab, a Border Collie, and a Scottish Collie.  My background is in Corporate Development and Training, however I am also a 4-H dog instructor and judge for Agility events for the county.  I have always wanted an old fashioned farm collie and I am excited to have my own Scottish Collie and plan to promote the breed with my boy "Titus" in dog sporting events.

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