Registration Checklist for Altered Dogs

Here is a quick Checklist of what you will need to complete your dog's Registration Application; a detailed explanation is at the bottom of the page.  Click the button to print the pdf.

Application Sections

1. Owner Information
2. Signalment
3. Registration Information
4. Pedigree
5. Activities & Titles
6. Health & Genetics
7. Terms of Service


1. Owner Information

❑  SCPS Membership Number:  found in your Membership Welcome Email.

2. Signalment

❑  Birthdate, Height (inches), and Weight (pounds)
❑  3 prescribed Photos & Pertinent details (ie, obvious injury that affects Conformation; pregnancy/postpartum, etc)
❑  ID #


Image Guidelines:  These are best practices for high quality images.  The SCPS desires to evaluate only the truest representation of your dog; please assist us by submitting the best quality photos of your dog that you can.  

  • Minimum original image size of 2000 x 2000 (large enough to capture detail and magnify)
  • Dog should be standing on a hard surface
  • Still images
  • Contrasting background
  • Large, clear images at the dog's eye level
  • Natural light is better
  • Your dog should be centered in the photo and large enough to see well
  • No candid or snapshot-type images, please
  • No people in the image

The following three (3) views of your dog are needed for your Altered Dog:
 Body profile (right)       Head profile (right)          Front, full view

Your photo submissions will be the ones used in your dog's Registry page, if approved.  Here are some sample images of each view:

3. registration Information

❑  Requested Registration Name
❑  Other registries:  list & images of Registration Certificates

The SCPS requires that your dog’s Registered name begin with the Breeder’s Kennel Prefix.  It is preferred that if the new Owner is also a Breeder, they include their own Kennel Prefix in the Registered Name as well, but it must never precede the Breeder’s prefix.  The purpose of this requirement is to facilitate the ease of pedigree study.
For dogs already enrolled in another registry:  These dogs will not be required to follow the SCPS Naming Convention.  We will not require our Members to manage more than one registration name for the same dog.  Going forward, any of that dog’s progeny will be required to follow the SCPS Registry's Naming Convention.


4. pedigree

❑  Breeder/Kennel name
❑  Sire and Dam
❑  6-Generation pedigree:  Please submit your dog's six-generation pedigree.  You may provide a screenshot, scan, or a link to where your dog's pedigree resides in another registry or official website.
NOTE:  It is understood in an open registry that some dogs have little or no recorded pedigree; please be as complete as you can.

5. activities & Titles

❑  Titles:  list & images of Title Certificates:  these may be screenshots, scans, or images of original certificates.

6. Health & Genetics

❑  Other testing:  list & links and/or images of Clearance Certificates

7. terms of service

(Signature required)
❑  By-Laws
❑  Code of Ethics

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